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  1. Randy Montrose Said:

    Does anyone have advise on traveling to the Bahamas?

  2. dino3535 Said:

    I’ve spent 3 weeks there. I suggest island hopping with port Lacaya and Paradise Island

  3. Johnny Said:

    Never been to the Bahamas but I know you can find all the info you want on the Rocky Mountain States… Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Arizona camping and campgrounds resorts and all that good vacation stuff!

    Besides summer is a lot better in the Rockies… too hot and sticky down by the equator this time of year! 😉

  4. dino3535 Said:

    Johnny You are the man … how do you know this?

  5. Johnny Said:

    I might not have been to the Bahamas but I have been a Pilot since ’68 and have been around some. And you can trust me on this one it sure does get warm down that way in the summer months!

    But up here in the beautiful Rocky Mountains it’s purple mountain majesty all the way through next fall when the Aspen trees put on their show!

  6. Johnny Said:

    Did you know that Wyoming is the equality state? They had the first woman Governor and the first woman to be a Judge! 😉

    Take a look at some of the amazing stuff in Wyoming

    Yellowstone National Park… incredable! and the Devils Tower… amazing!

  7. dino3535 Said:

    The Devils Towers… wasn’t that a movie thing… with Richard Dryfes? I thought that there was only one tower.

  8. dino3535 Said:

    Arizona Tour Company Goes Green

    Phoenix, AZ — May 13th, 2008 – An Arizona based ground touring company, Open Road Tours, understands the importance of reducing its CO2 footprint by implementing environmentally friendly office, vehicle maintenance and operation procedures.

    Understanding the importance of low emissions and the impact that non-recycled items can have on the environment, Open Road Tours has instituted and has been practicing ‘green’ procedures for over 10 years. They began by buying environmentally friendly products including: fuel efficient vehicles, ENERGY STAR® equipment, and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) cleaning supplies. They continue these efforts in the office by using remanufactured toner cartridges, post-consumer recycled content paper, recyclable plastics and providing a recycling bin for the employees to place their cardboard, glass and plastic.. This was and good start but it was just the beginning.

    Upon expanding their knowledge and options in ecotourism, Open Road Tours further understood the impact that vehicle maintenance could have on the earth, thus the company decided to recycle used oil, vehicle batteries, anti-freeze and tires. They continue their efforts by performing regular maintenance and emission testing on the vehicles, using synthetic oils, minimizing idling and reducing the use of air conditioning whenever possible.

    Open Road Tours prides itself in its ecotourism efforts and commitment to protecting the environment through wide ranging policies and practices.

    About Open Road Tours:

    Open Road Tours is a tour operator specializing in sightseeing and adventure travel throughout the Southwestern United States including the Grand Canyon. Trips range from half-day highlight tours to seven-day adventures featuring river rafting, hiking, jeep tours and horseback rides. In addition to group tours, they provide daily shuttle service, custom tours as well as a full array of convention services.

    For further information: contact: Donnita Parker at 602-997-6474.


  9. dino3535 Said:

    Enviroment’s the Polar bear’s and Oil Drilling can co-esist. Congress…. You say that you are for the people…. the people are pissed … try and drive yourself to DC with your own car (not a limo of which the taxpayers pay for). buy your own groceries that has been inflated due to transportation costs. Live like we do…… Not off your goverment funded salaries and perks… You will see the reality of the American Public. It’s not a pretty picture.. If you don’t act now! there may not be a job with perks waiting for you and geeeeee…. we will see you in the bread line.

  10. usmushrooms Said:

    These politicians and economists are looking at the WRONG freakin numbers. Rather than looking at their own bank accounts and getting worried when they’er down a couple 100k, they should be looking at what the people in rural and lower income america have left over to buy some luxuries…. like food – and when they start cutting back on them. I could have told you 4 years ago that this economy was in trouble but who the hell would listen to a “poor ole boy” who cant even afford to pay attention. I can’t even afford to get a better paying job because i can’t afford the gas to get to the dammed interviews. so i’m stuck – too bad – so sad Thanks alot guys. Try walking a mile in MY shoes. If thats not enough, try doing some research on the NAU – North American Union – and see just how bad our government has sold us out – even YOU fat cats.

  11. usmushrooms Said:

    This makes me sick. 5.4 TRILLION barrels of oil stuck in the tar sands of Canada – another bazillon barrels stuck in the oil shale of the west and an untold number of barrels proven but undisclosed within US jurisdiction.Enough to supply the ENTIRE PLANET for another 100 years. And here we are – paying 4, 5, maybe even 10 dollars a gallon for gas to get to work, go to interviews or even the grocery. Blame it on supply, refinery capaities, or speculation? I dont think so. It’s all greed. Screw the middle east. Theyv’e had thier fun. Now it’s OUR turn.

  12. dino3535 Said:

    Mushroom you racious nut you…. Opps I better look that word up….. Anyway I AGREE ! Unlike my brother I can spell secret

  13. dino3535 Said:

    Call or email to book a trip!

    Tel: +44 (0) 1600 888 220


    Home Request
    Brochure Tours Gulet
    charters News Contact us

    We’re delighted that our first ever From Bodrum to Didyma gulet cruise, led by Jennifer Tobin last month, was a resounding success.

    “Very good itinerary…an excellent balance of sites and bays” Alec Fisken, Seattle, USA

    “We found Jennifer Tobin to be, not only extremely knowledgeable, but also a fantastic travelling companion. We greatly respected her passion for the many wonderful places we were fortunate enough to explore…the gulet was beyond expectations…thank you for a wonderful experience” Ross & Karen Collins, Queensland, Australia

    SPECIAL OFFER: We have a couple of cabins still available on our June 28 – 5 July From Bodrum to Didyma gulet cruise, led by Michael Metcalfe, a worthy equal to Jennifer Tobin. As a last minute incentive we can offer £200/$450 off this wonderful archaeological cruise. Was £1,195/$2,445 now £995/$1,995.

    We have just 2 cabins left on all our autumn tours – 1 cabin on each of the following:

    Carian Coast – 1 week cruise Sept 27-4 Oct

    Lycian Shore Family cruise Oct 25 – 1 Nov – (ideal for 1 parent & 1 child)

    Would you like a glimpse behind the scenes on one of our gulet cruises? A Canadian couple who came on our first sailing tour of the year, Sailing the Lycian Shore, have posted some of their photos on the web.

    Our 8-cabin flagship gulet, the Almira, has come available for private charter for 3 weeks this summer, from July 5-26. If you’d like to have this beautiful boat all to yourselves, please get in touch asap.

    2009 TOURS
    We are now working on our 2009 schedule of trips. If you would like to book a private gulet cruise for a group in Turkey (or Greece) please contact us soon so we can set aside dates.

    We are considering creating some gulet cruises with different themes…painting, food, photography, textiles, travel writing…each led by an expert and combining the wonderful elements of our current historical gulet trips. Would you like a gulet cruise with a different flavour? Please let us know!

    This is another Turkish classic and one of our favourites.

    Tangy, tasty and above all Turkish!

    Taze Fasulye – fresh green beans in olive oil.

    Afiyet Olsun (Bon Appetit)!

    Contact us now to check availability and request further details
    +44 (0) 1600 888 220

  14. dino3535 Said:


    Did you know the USDA Forest Service is working in 59 countries around the globe? Current Events
    Click here for latest news from International Programs, including:

    USDA Forest Service Responds to Suffering in Sudan
    USDA Forest Service Assesses Drought Situation in Kenya
    A Festival of Wonders: Shorebirds and Sightseers Flock to Copper River Delta
    Incident Command System: USDA Forest Service Helps India Cope with Catastrophe
    Another Year, Another Milestone for Kirtland’s Warbler
    Countries Attend Fourth Session of the UN Forum on Forests

    In fact, the Forest Service partners internationally on a wide range of natural resource management, policy and research issues. Many units of the Forest Service are engaged in this work which advances sustainable forest management both overseas and in the United States.
    All branches of the USDA Forest Service, which include National Forests, Research Stations and the units that assist private landowners have dynamic international exchanges, collaboration and projects around the globe. Strong partnerships with land grant universities, environmental NGO’s and the private sector make this work integrated and comprehensive.

    Why is the Forest Service working internationally?

    We work internationally to:

    Improve management in some of the world’s most threatened forests including forests in the Amazon Basin, the Congo, Russia and Indonesia;

    Protect forests in the United States and other countries from invasive species that are damaging or could damage our forests;

    Work with other countries to protect declining bird species that migrate across national borders;

    Recover the habitat of the world’s endangered species–including the Siberian Tiger, the Monarch butterfly and the Panda;

    Develop policies wordwide to promote forest sustainability;

    Level the playing field in international trade by reducing the amount of underpriced timber on the world market;

    Bring important research knowledge and technology gained overseas back to the United States, and

    Provide humanitarian response support to disasters around the world. Past responses include support to disasters in Kosovo, the Rwanda genocide and current teams in Iraq.

    Learn more about international work

    We invite you to learn more about the exciting international work of the USDA Forest Service. Three offices focus on and promote international activities. They are International Programs, which coordinates the Agency’s international work; the Institute of International Tropical Forestry, which works mainly in the Caribbean and Central America, and the Institute for Pacific Islands Forestry, which addresses natural resource management issues throughout the Pacific Islands, Micronesia and the Pacific Rim.

  15. dino3535 Said:

    Galway Film Fleadh (8th – 13th July)
    The Galway Film Fleadh is a 6 day international film festival held every July, welcoming a wide diversity of filmmaking from around the world. The Fleadh is very much a filmmakers’ festival, and attracts directors, actors, cinematographers and artists of all generations and cultural backgrounds, who present their work before their peers. Founded twenty years ago, the central goal of the Galway Film Fleadh remains unchanged: to bring together audiences and filmmakers within an intimate environment, and share a common experience – the wonder of cinema. The Fleadh’s diverse audience is made up of the general cinema going public, film buffs, student filmmakers, industry professionals and invited guests. Guests have included: Jeremy Irons, Volker Schloendorff, Kathy Bates, Paul Schrader, Robert Towne, John Lynch, Luis Mandoki, Campbell Scott, Patricia Clarkson, Matt Dillon, Stephen Frears, Maureen O’Hara, Anthony Minghella, Agnieszka Holland, Gillo Pontecorvo, Aidan Quinn, Rutger Hauer, Arthur Penn, Gabriel Byrne, Donal McCann, Istvan Szabo, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Winterbottom, Ed Pressman, Woody Harrelson, Abbas Kiarostami, Mira Nair, Sir Richard Attenborough, Paolo Taviani, Michael Moore, Oliver Reed, Jim Sheridan and Neil Jordan to name but a few. For more information go to:
    Jul 8, 2008

  16. dino3535 Said:

    We are delighted to announce that National Geographic Traveler, the world’s most widely read travel magazine, has chosen our In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great tour as one of the world’s Top Ten learning holidays.

    This list of the top ten cultural and educational retreats was shortlisted from a recently published National Geographic book – The 100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life by Pam Grout, which featured a number of our tours. You can read more at Alexander the Great’s tour is tops!

    As if we weren’t flattered enough, we’ve just had a series of mentions in newspapers in the USA. The Washington Post’s travel editor, K.C. Summers, suggested:

    “For a high-end but tempting tour, take a look at Peter Sommer Travels… he offers tours and “quiet cruises” for small groups, with expert guides leading the way.”

    2009 TOURS
    We are delighted to announce the first of our trips for 2009. We’ll be releasing more dates for other tours shortly. We recommend you book your places soon – 5 places out of 16 are already reserved on our Alexander tour, 4 out of the 8 cabins are reserved on our May family cruise, and 4 out of the 8 cabins are reserved on our Halicarnassus to Ephesus tour.

    In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great April 18 – 6 May

    Family cruise – From Bodrum to Didyma May 23 – 30

    From Halicarnassus to Ephesus Aug 29 – 12 Sept

    Family cruise – Sailing the Lycian Shore Oct 24 – 31

    The Bodrum Cup Race Oct 10 – 26
    A brand new unique tour for 2009. A 2-week archaeological cruise on the Almira – but with a difference. You’ll be doing the sailing… under the expert guidance of the boat’s crew. For the first week you’ll literally be learning the ropes. Then in the 2nd week you’ll be taking part in the celebrated Bodrum Cup – a 5 day race featuring about 100 classic wooden yachts. If that weren’t enough, you’ll be shown around some amazing ancient sites by Peter, nevermind superb swimming opportunities. More details to follow.

    Our 8-cabin flagship gulet, Almira, is available for charter for 1-week this August 16-23. If you’d like to have this beautiful boat all to yourselves, do get in touch.

    We had our first ever guest blogging on the Almira during our June Carian Coast cruise. Take a look at Adrian Martin’s Turkey travel blog. He has some wonderful images in an accompanying photo gallery.

    This is what some guests have said about our trips this spring :

    “We loved being with Jennifer Tobin. She was insightful, knowledgable and wonderfully enthusiastic. The boat was sensational, much more than we ever expected and the crew excellent. The food was fabulous. Ben and I both agreed that this was our best most memorable vacation and we’ve had many in the last 50 years or so – on and off sailboats. Thanks so much Peter.”
    Joan Giordano, Bodrum to Didyma May 08

    “I can’t say enough good things about this trip. The entire Almira crew were exceptional. I have never eaten so many delicious meals. Bayram can cook for me any time! Captain Mehmet was friendly, helpful, and obviously loves his job. Suleyman was so kind and polite as well, it was really the kind of trip where it wasn’t ‘crew and passengers’ but all just friends out on a boat for a week.”
    Wayne Prescott, Bodrum to Didyma June 08


    Menemen – Scrambled eggs with tomatoes & peppers

    A lovely dish with a marvellous name and just perfect for summer. It’s fast and easy to prepare and extremely nutritious. It’s a favourite for breakfasts in Turkey, but it also goes down scrummily well as a bright and tasty lunch or a quick supper. I’m getting hungry just writing this!

    Contact us now to check availability and request further details
    +44 (0) 1600 888 220

  17. dino3535 Said:

    Maps of Area | Customs | National Park Permits | Visitor GST Refund
    Accommodations | Guided Tours & Activities | Convention Planner
    Wedding Planner | Commercial Services | Skiing | Weather

    Banff/Lake Louise…unsurpassed beauty, outstanding facilities and world class activities accommodate every desire.

    Where else in the world can you find sophisticated convention facilities and civilized accommodations surrounded by 6641 square kilometres (2564 square miles) of wilderness?

    And only 90 highway-minutes away from the eighth-best airport in the world!

    A fresh atmosphere to heighten the experience

    The town of Banff and the village of Lake Louise are located in Banff National Park, a region of such outstanding natural beauty it’s designated a World Heritage Site. With towering mountains, ancient glaciers, meadows of wild flowers, magnificent waterfalls, emerald lakes and expansive forests, the park is home to moose, deer, elk, bighorn sheep, cougars, wolves, grizzly bears and many other animals.

    Canmore’s wonderful secret, the Georgetown Inn
    provides outstanding mountain accommodation
    just minutes from Banff National Park.
    See for yourself

    Perched 1384 metres (4539 feet) above sea level, the beautiful town of Banff runs along the banks of the Bow River and climbs up the lower reaches of the surrounding mountains. It feels remote, its architecture is delightfully alpine and the character of its residents – locals and visitor alike – is decidedly cosmopolitan.

    A little further to the west – about 40 minutes beyond Banff – and sitting at 1520 metres (5000 feet) is the village of Lake Louise. This lovely, secluded community is at the gates to the world’s most famous picture-postcard setting: the turquoise waters of Lake Louise framed by its blue mountains and white glaciers.

    Comprehensive meeting facilities for 6 to 1600 delegates

    Banff and Lake Louise offer convention planners a choice of eleven hotel conference centres, ranging from exclusive retreats for senior corporate executives to comfortable facilities for more modest groups. Organizers can expect state-of-the-art technologies, experienced support staff and a wonderful selection of on and off-site activities for delegates, companions and children.

    Local meeting and incentive travel coordinators, destination management companies and special event firms offer distant planners proven local market expertise, advice and services from consulting through to turnkey programming.

    World-class air and ground transportation connections

    In a recent survey of 43 airports around the world, the Calgary International Airport was ranked eighth-best in the world. Air lift to Calgary features non-stop and direct connections to major US, overseas and Canadian cities. Scheduled carriers include Air Canada, American, America West, Canadian Airlines International, Delta, KLM Royal Dutch, Northwest and United Airlines.

    Ground connections to Banff and Lake Louise include motorcoaches, limousines and rental cars. Highway #1, an all-season, four-lane freeway from Calgary to Banff, provides a scenic 90-minute excursion through the foothills and majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

    In season, the Rocky Mountaineer train treats passengers to a two-day spectacular tour of the mountains from Vancouver, B.C. to Banff and Calgary.

    78 billion square feet of recreational facilities

    The National Park surrounding Banff and Lake Louise makes it possible for the convention hotels to offer groups an exceptional variety of entertaining things to see and do.

    Winter activities range from dog sledding, tobogganing and sleigh rides to cross-country, downhill and helicopter skiing. Ice fishing, snowmobiling and sightseeing tours can also be arranged

    Summer activities include golfing, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, fishing, boat cruising, river rafting, sightseeing, Icefield tours and exploring.

    Year round attractions include mountain gondola rides, hot springs and spas, helicopter sightseeing, bowling, museums and cultural events.

    Helpful information for Banff and Lake Louise visitors

    Emergency Numbers (Area code 403)

    Ambulance in Banff 762-2000

    Ambulance in Lake Louise 522-2000

    Fire in Banff 762-2000

    Fire in Lake Louise 522-2000

    Hospital/Banff 762-2222

    Police/RCMP in Banff 762-2226

    Police/RCMP in Lake Louise 522-3811

    Warden’s office/Emergency 762-2222

    Crisis Line 1-800-332-1287

    Poison Centre 1-800-332-1414

    Customs and Immigration

    Customs/Border Services

    Calgary International Airport

    P.O. Box 167, 200 Airport Road NE

    Calgary, AB T2E 6W5

    TEL (403) 292-8788

    FAX (403) 292-8767

    Entry Regulations for Visitors.

    Citizens or permanent residents of the United States may enter Canada without passports or visas. For proof of citizenship, a naturalization certificate, birth certificate or passport should be carried along with proof of permanent US residence, such as a voter’s registration card.

    Visitors from countries other than the United States, must have a valid passport and may require other documentation, such as visas or alien cards. Check with the nearest Canadian Consulate well before you travel.

    Customs and Duty Free

    Visitors, 18 years of age or older, may import, duty free, up to 40 ounces (1.1 litres) of liquor or 24 12-oz cans of beer or ale into Canada.

    Up to 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes and 400 grams of manufactured tobacco may also be brought in duty free.

    Time Zone

    Banff and Lake Louise are in the Mountain Time Zone. Daylight Savings Time is in effect from the first Sunday in April until the last Sunday in October.

    What to Wear

    Casual dress is the norm in Banff and Lake Louise. In summer, bring a raincoat, warm sweater, hat, sturdy shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses. In spring, summer and fall, a light coat or warm jacket may be required – particularly at higher altitudes. In winter, a heavy coat, winter boots, hat, gloves or mitts and warm clothing are essential.

    Remember, Canada is Metric

    Everything in Canada is measured in metric units, though you will often find stores using pounds and ounces.

    Metric can be a little confusing at first – particularly if you are driving, because speed limits and mileage are in kilometres. Know that 90 km/hr is the same as 55 mph.

    In regard to temperatures, 20 degrees Celsius is about 68 degrees Fahrenheit; 30 C is 80 F, 10 C is 50 F and 0 C is 32 F.

    Gas is sold by the litre and there are 3.8 litres in a US gallon.


    Alberta has no provincial sales tax; however, there is a 5 percent tax on accommodation.

    Canada also has a 7 percent Goods and Services Tax – referred to as the GST. Visitors can apply for certain GST rebates. For details, pick up a copy of the “GST Rebate for Visitors” booklet in many stores, hotels and travel related facilities.

    If your group is comprised of at least 75 percent non-resident delegates, significant GST rebates are available to non-resident convention, meeting, trade show and incentive planners. To receive your “GST Information for Non Resident Meeting Planners and Convention Organizers” booklet and application forms, please write to:

    Summerside Tax Centre
    Domestic Rebates Program
    275 Pope Road
    Summerside, Prince Edward Island,
    C1N 6C6 Canada
    In Canada, telephone: 1-800-565-9353
    Outside Canada, telephone: 1-902-432-5604
    National Park Regulations

    Please help protect the natural beauty of Canada’s parks by respecting the following regulations.

    It is against the law to collect natural objects including flowers, plants, rocks, antlers and artifacts. It is illegal to entice or feed wildlife (it can also be dangerous to do so). Fisherman must have a national parks fishing license. Hunting is prohibited.

    Park Entry Fees (Click for more details)

    A group day pass for up to ten people in a vehicle is $10 a day. Group annual passes are $70. Group commercial rates can be arranged in advance through Parks Canada. Details can be obtained by writing: The Superintendent, Banff National Park, P.O. Box 900, Banff, Alberta, Canada T0L 0C0 or by calling (403) 762-1500.

    Currency Exchange

    Visitors can exchange their currency at Canadian banks, trust companies, credit unions or foreign exchange brokers. Some hotels, merchants and restaurants accept US currency – but the exchange rate may be lower than that posted by financial institutions.

    Internationally connected automated banking machines are available and most businesses accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

    Canadian Rockies Home Accommodations Maps Blogs Banff Canmore Jasper Lake Louise New Visitors Free Guides Contact Us Site Map

  18. dino3535 Said:

    on time travel

    5 Free Things to do while Visiting San Francisco

    5 Free Things to do while Visiting San Francisco

    Anyone who knows me well knows that I like cheap and free things to do with the family. It isn’t that I’m not willing to pay good money for good fun, I just happen to believe that the best fun is sometimes as free as the wind. The same holds true when visiting new cities like San Francisco. I will invest a great amount of time looking for activities that me and other members of my family can enjoy for little or no money. This saves money for other things like good food and souvenirs.

    I’m also a big fan of David Letterman and in that spirit I decided to devise a top five list of my very own in honor of Mr. Letterman’s Top 10 list. My big 5 list consists of things to do for free when visiting San Francisco.

    Golden Gate Bridge. This is a favorite among tourists for many reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that it is one landmark that belongs only to San Francisco. It is uniquely a part of this city and represents, for many, your entire trip. Another reason is that there are so many ways to get there. I recommend walking and if you’re up for it, try one of the guided walking tours-this will provide valuable background information about the bridge as well as insuring that you don’t get lost on the way.
    Golden Gate Park. This park is larger than New York’s Central Park and in my opinion equally grand. There is so much to do and see in Golden Gate Park that you could spend a good portion of your vacation here alone.
    Cable Car Museum. Kids of all ages will find this museum interesting, especially big and little boys. This museum definitely offers a great deal of education and excitement on time travel for the family. In addition to learning about these neat cable cars which have become a trademark of San Francisco transportation. This is one museum I would pay to go to, the fact that it is free is a bonus that I can’t resist and the primary reason it is on this particular top ten list.
    Walking Tours of San Francisco. These free walking tours are not only entertaining; they are also very informative as well. Learn about the history of the neighborhoods that this city is famous for as well as the great people who rebuilt a grand city, literally from the ashes of what it once was and made it even better. San Francisco has a wonderful story to tell and these guides narrate it wonderfully.
    San Francisco Fire Department Museum. For the big kid in all of us that wanted to grow up to be a fire fighter, this museum takes the cake. Not only does it provide great historical references and artifacts but it is also really cool! I can think of no greater compliment to give a museum than that. This one, even your children will enjoy and beg to go back again and again.

    Whether you are a big kid, a little kid, or just a kid at heart these activities are a great and inexpensive way to pass a day or two while on vacation. If you can’t stand the thought of saving money or not spending it, I’m sure each of these places will be glad to accept donations or at the very least sell you something at the gift shop (if the place you are visiting has one). Regardless, I hope my suggestions have gotten your mental wheels turning and you are coming up with your own great ways to enjoy the day without spending a lot of green.

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