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Colorado Alligator Farm,

 Colorado Alligator Farm, Mosque, CO

by Dawn Janov
Come visit the alligators living the good life in Colorado. Sun, hot springs and plenty of food make for their happy toothy smiles.When the a permit to dump waste from a new aquaculture business was refused, an innovative idea introduced 100 baby alligators who took over the task by eating the waste and dead fish – and the alligator farm began.

You can feed the alligators, have your picture taken holding a baby gator, or just enjoy looking at this strange companion to a commercial fishery. You can sign up for their alligator wrestling class. Practice hard because there is a once a year Gatorfest where competitors, swing, canoe, bucket and run a course for the fastest time.

Other exotic reptiles such as an albino boa constrictor, pythons, nurse sharks, geckos, and tortoises are on display, many which have been rescued.