Black Hawk Casino

Black Hawk, Colorado

The Golden Gulch houses 245 all coin slot machines, the way gaming use to be. Golden Gulch Casino is conveniently located next to the Golden Gates and across from the Golden Mardi Gras.

Fun Fact: Located in the middle of the 1st Floor is an old jail cellar. Video Poker games are located inside the jail for gaming fun behind bars, who ever knew you could win so big behind bars?

Golden Casino Group Announcements:

Fat Tuesday/Fat Cash: Just 10 points on your club card and you can get an entry into our $50 to $2,000 drawings today. Saturday and Sunday in July there will be a BBQ on the front porch of the Mardi Gras. Guests earning 50 base points that day will receive a coupon for free BBQ at the Golden Rewards Club!Rolling Thunder is starting July 11th, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Golden Casino Group will hold drawings every hour and a half from 6:00pm to midnight Fridays, noon to midnight Saturdays and noon to 6:00pm on Sundays. Prizes amounts will increase every weekend starting off with $200 cash drawings July 11-13 to $600 cash prizes August 29-31. Entries will be earned for every 10 points or 1/2 hr of tracked table play earned from the drawing day from the prior Monday.

Conditions in Black Hawk as of: 07/26/2008 05:12 PM
Weather: Variable clouds tonight with a 40% chance of thunderstorms especially early in the evening.
Temperature: 68 degrees at 5:00 PM with an overnight low of 49 in the forecast.
Road Conditions: Roads are dry…chance of rain.

Golden Rewards is the way to be sure to win, every time you spin! Our rewards program offers the most benefits in Black Hawk. Playing with a Golden Rewards card ensures that you’ll receive points for cash back from every play. You’ll also get automatic QuickComps you can effortlessly use for food and merchandise! Golden Rewards members also receive valuable coupons and offers by mail based on their play, and get to participate in our exciting cash drawings and giveaways!

Our Slot Club has one convenient booth, located on the second floor. All of our promotions are based on your play using your Golden Rewards card.

The Golden Touch
Winners Circle

Congratulations to Barbara of Aurora. She won $9,000 on Double 10 X Pay, $1.

more winners>

Congratulations to Maria of Denver. She won $23,940 on Double Hot Peppers, $1.

more winners>

Congratulations to Eloisa of Ft. Morgan. She won $4,744 on Pompeii, Pennies.

more winners>

Congratulations to Harry of Aurora. He won $5,400 on Triple Cash, $1.

more winners>

Congratulations to Latresia of Denver. She won $2,500 on Double Red White & Blue, Quarter.


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  1. Chad Wadkins Said:

    lot of people ask me what do I do in winter. The answer is prospect for gold, of course! Here in Colorado once the snow flies usually sees the end to the digging season, but prospecting still goes on. There are many keys to finding the good spots to dig. There is always dumb luck – I have found many nice spots to dig just by stopping and getting at it. After all, gold is where you find it right? Whenever possible I always try and hedge my bets when it comes to finding gold and research is the key.

    We are so lucky to live in the day and age where information is right at your finger tips. A lot of research can be done right online as most of you know. The public library is also a great source of information. I look back at the old newspaper articles for information of finds back in the day. Many of the large mines would also publish stories of how well their mines were doing often in an attempt to lure investors. If you want to know about a specific spot you can go to the Bureau of Land Management and get information as well as many of the government agencies who all have records of the mines and how much and what they took out of the ground.

    Local museums also can be a good source of information. They often have old journals and maps which can be useful in locating a good spot. The smaller museums often have ties to many of the locals who also can be a great source of information. I have found several good spots that have gone on untouched by most prospectors just by getting to know some of the locals in the areas. The old timers usually are native to an area, and families go back generations and can often give account of the activities in the past. More importantly, a lot of these folks own many of the old claims and with a bit of sweet talk you can gain access to the old claims which have gone untouched for a very long time. As most of you know, the old timers didn’t get all of the gold and often lost a good portion out of their boxes back into the streams and creeks. Getting onto an old claim can often yield great gold especially if you can find evidence of their old sluice box and dumps. A book I highly recommend is called “The Mining Camps Speak.” By Beth and Bill Sagstetter. The book is an valuable source of information on what you are looking at and for. Often times what most consider trash in these areas are clues as to what actually went on in a given location.

    The last thing I would like to talk about today is getting up in the hills in the winter and doing some prospecting. I tend to go out and look at the creeks and rivers as they are freezing to help me decide where I need to dredge in the springs. During the summer months it is hard to tell where the river channel and the truly lies. It is easy to assume that it runs down the middle but this is rarely the case. If you go look at a creek as it is freezing during the winter months you can often see how the channel moves back and forth by where the water is still slowing and has yet to freeze. By taking photos and notes and drawing a simple map, it becomes easy to see where the flow changes directions. These spots where the flows change directions and slows are often a good indicator where to look for gold deposits that are usually not seen during the summer months as they are under a few feet of water. In the spring I take the photos and maps i have made in the winter, look for the spots where the creek cut back and fourth and did not freeze and dig those banks and bars where it slows or turns away. People often ask why I am dredging in a given spot in the creek. I did my research over the off season and know likely that these invisible bars can often yield good gold.

    I am not saying that I am always right but I do know what I find and these things do work for me. The only sure way to find of is to get out and dig, after all gold is where you find it.

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