Colorado Museum’s

Buffalo Bill Museum: Lookout Mountain

by Michele Kadison

There’s hardly an American who hasn’t heard of Buffalo Bill Cody, born William Frederick Cody. With his eternal love for the Colorado Rockies, Cody originally worked as a scout for the military, helping to find food resources for the troops. His amazing buffalo hunting ability earned him the name Buffalo Bill along with an enduring relationship with the Native Americans who populated the region.

Later in life, Buffalo Bill created his Wild West show, which not only entertained, but educated people in the ways of the cowboys and Native Americans he knew so well. Filled with sharpshooting, bronco riding, roping, and other wild west favorites, Cody’s show lasted for 30 years, touring all over Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Cody’s wish was to be buried on a mountain top overlooking Denver, Colorado, and it is here that the Buffalo Bill Museum sits. With white-capped pinnacles all around and downtown Denver below, the vista is enormous, with the vast plains reaching to what seems like the ends of the earth to the east. The museum is a treasure of the Wild West, with testimonials to cowboy and Native American lifestyles, great western art, and a host of artifacts including antique firearms and photos of luminaries such as Annie Oakley.

Get a feel for the time by trying on true western garb, jumping on the life-size horse, or roping a stationary calf. Step inside the Native American teepee where you will see beaver skins hanging and feel what it was like to rest on the open plains in these original mobile homes.

A trip to the Buffalo Bill Museum is a wonderful way to get a sense of American history and its illustrious past along with the man who made a name for himself as the emblem of the Wild West.

Address: 987 ½ Lookout Mountain Road, Golden, Colorado 80401
Phone: 303-526-0747
Directions: Exit 256 off I-70 – follow signs to the museum
Admission: $3 adults, $2 seniors 65 and older, $1 children 6 – 15, children under 6 free
Hours: Open daily May 1 – October 31: 9 am – 5 pm.



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