Colorado State Parks

Biking Mountain bikers in the AHRA enjoy challenging terrain and diverse scenery. Check out some of the trails in the Salida area. They include the Midland Trail , which follows an 1800s railroad grade, the Rainbow Trail, which offers some excellent views of the Arkansas River and the towering Sangre de Cristo Mountains. On the AHRA Map and Brochure (available under “Publications” on the left side of Arkansas Headwaters’ main page) look for “Midland Bike Trail” near Buena Vista and the Collegiate Peaks Group Picnic area.
Picnicking Most of our picnic sites are easily accessible from a major highway. Many people enjoy a picnic lunch while watching the activities on the river. Refer to the “AHRA Area Map” available from the “Maps and Directions” link on the left side of Arkansas Headwaters’ main page to find numerous picnic sites along the river. In the “Recreation Site Facilities” table of this map, look for the “picnic tables/grills” column. A group picnic area is also available at Collegiate Peaks Overlook near Buena Vista. Call AHRA for details 719-539-7289.
Rock Climbing There are many challenging climbing areas along the river for experienced climbers. For novices, please contact AHRA for information on outfitters who have the equipment and expertise to assist you.
Snowmobiling There are many high country trails in the Collegiate Peaks “14’ers”. Snow conditions continue to improve throughout the winter for those who like a faster pace.

Barr Lake
Biking An 8.8-mile trail for hikers, horseback riders and bicyclists follows the perimeter of the lake. The road across the top of the dam (Crest Trail) is open to bicycles. Bicyclists are encouraged to use bikes with thorn-proof tires because the trails are not paved and thorns are prevalent. Check Barr Lake’s Trails page for additional information.
Birding One of the top birding areas in the state with over 300 species observed.
Picnicking Picnic tables are grouped into three different sites; one group by the boat ramp, one group by the nature center and one group halfway between the other two. Available on a first-come, first-served basis or an area can be reserved by calling the park.

Bonny Lake
Biking Although designated trails do not exist, there are several miles of very low-use roadway where this activity is permitted.
Group Camping Group Camping is available. Visit Bonny Lake State Park’s Camping page for additional information.
Picnicking Bonny Lake has numerous picnic sites located around the reservoir. Most sites are located around the tree-rimmed south shore, near the swim and ski beaches. Located on the south of the reservoir at the Center Beach picnic area, two fully accessible picnic areas are available for visitors with disabilities. Visit the “Picknicking” link on Bonny Lake’s home page for additional information.

Boyd Lake
Biking Bicyclists can enjoy paved trails under cool cottonwood trees next to the water’s edge. Boyd’s trail is a segment of the City of Loveland’s recreation trail system. Please see the Boyd Lake Map.
Picnicking The park features 95 first-come-first-served picnic sites. Mariner Point Group Picnic Area available by reservation only provides sand volleyball, horseshoe pits, electricity, restrooms, water, playground equipment and BBQ pits. Reservations can be made up to 1 year in advance by calling the park office at 970-669-1739.

Castlewood Canyon
Biking Biking is not allowed on the trails at Castlewood.
Birding Castlewood is home to one of the largest Turkey Vulture populations in the state during the summer months.In the winter the Vultures prefer to spend their time in warmer climes, such as, Mexico and Central America. Bluebirds and Canyon Wrens also call the park home.
Picnicking Individual or group picnic areas are available at the park. Group picnic areas are available by reservation only. 30+ family picnic sites are available throughout the park on a first come first served basis. Call 303.688.5242 to reserve a group picnic area.
Rock Climbing Walls up to 60 feet and canyon face climbing are available for all skill levels. A detailed climbing guide is for sale at the Visitor Center for $13.95. Attention Climbing Groups: please contact the park office to register. SEASONAL CLOSURES-Porky’s Wall and Cave off of Cliff Base closed until July.

Biking Chatfield has 12 miles of asphalt and concrete bike trails. Ask for a map upon entering the park. Conditions may vary depending upon the trail. Please practice courtesy towards other users. Give plenty of warning to pedestrians and others. Yield right-of-way to slower and equestrian traffic.
Group Camping Chatfield also has ten group Camp areas that may be reserved by calling the Park Office at (303)791-7275. Visit the “Camping” link on Chatfield’s homepage for additional information.
Picnicking Numerous picnic sites with tables and grills are located throughout the park. Both group and individual sites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, but group sites at Marina Point, Riverside, Heronry Overlook and Fox Run, may be reserved by calling the park office at (303) 791-7275. Please see “Picnicking” page off Chatfield’s “Park Activities” page for additional information.

Cherry Creek
Biking 12 miles of paved trails, 35 total miles of multi-use trails. Please use proper trail etiquette, bikers yield to hikers, all yield to horses.
Birding The varied eco-system in the park attracts raptor species including bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, northern harrier and ferruginous hawk as well as waterfowl and shorebirds.
Group Camping There are three Group Campsites in the Campground. Call the Camper Registration Office at 303-690-1166 X720 for reservations. See detail under Group Facilities.
Picnicking Public picnic tables around the lake on a first come – first serve basis. Group sites must be reserved in advanced.

Cheyenne Mountain
Biking Visitors can wander through short-grass prairies, scrub oak woodlands and ponderosa pine/Douglas fir forests. There are 16 trails to explore 20 miles of hiking, biking and wildlife viewing opportunities. The trail map shows where to find these easy to moderate park trails. Please, to protect the parks fragile eco-systems; pets, horses and smoking are not permitted on the trails.
Picnicking Nestled within scrub oak and trees and along an easy meandering trail are 41 day-use picnic sites complete with table and grill. Peak-to-valley views complement each site. Close to parking, easy family nature exploration opportunities and the convenient visitor center, this is picnicking like it should be. Picnic areas are accessible via hiking trail only.

Biking 1.3 miles of disconnected trails along Hwy 92 from the swimbeach south to Iron Creek campground; .3 mile trail in Iron Creek interior.
Picnicking Several picnic sites are located throughout the park, each with a grill or fire ring.
Snowmobiling Allowed only when there is enough snow to protect the vegetation; otherwise follow the unplowed roads down to the lake.Travel there is allowed ONLY when there is over 14 inches of ice.

Eldorado Canyon
Biking The Rattlesnake Gulch Trail offers the experienced mountain biker an enjoyable three-mile ride, this is not a sit-down ride. Bikers can also enjoy the easier seven mile Walker Ranch Loop at Crescent Meadows. See Eldorado State Park’s Trails page for complete trail descriptions.
Picnicking Eldorado Canyon has 33 picnic tables with grills that line the bank of South Boulder Creek. Restrooms and drinking water are nearby. Picnic tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis – reservations are not accepted. On weekends and holidays from May through Labor Day, the entire park often reaches full vehicle capacity and additional vehicles are only allowed entrance periodically, as space becomes available. The picnic area is usually reaches full by noon on Saturdays and by 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. On summer holidays, the picnic area can be full as early as 9:00 a.m.
Rock Climbing Eldorado Canyon is one of the top climbing destinations in the United States, we have more than 500 technical climbing routes that attract climbers (and onlookers) from around the world. To protect the rock, no drilling or chipping is allowed, please use minimal chalk. To protect nesting and roosting sites of Prairie Falcons, part of the Redgarden Wall from the Naked Edge (pitch 3 – top) through Sidetrack is closed from February 1st – July 31st or until the chicks have fledged. Please remember that the park closes at sunset, it is not permitted to climb here at night.

Eleven Mile
Biking Visitors can enjoy nearly five miles of scenic hiking and biking trails in the Coyote Ridge/Backcountry area. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on all trails and are only allowed on designated roads. For more information, click on the “Trails” link on the left side of Eleven Mile’s home page.
Birding Many migratory and resident birds inhabit the park, including a variety of songbirds, raptors, waterfowl and shorebirds that are all attracted to the reservoir. Three rare bird species observed at the park include the bald eagle, American peregrine falcon and white pelican. A downloadable PDF of Eleven Mile’s Bird List brochure is available under the “Publications” link on the left side of Eleven Mile’s home page.
Picnicking Eleven Mile State Park offers 15 picnic sites, some are located close to shoreline fishing access areas, while others are found near the playground. A universal access picnic site is also located adjacent to the playground. There are no group picnicking facilities.
Rock Climbing There are no rock climbing opportunities located in the park. However, the park is located conveniently close to a number of USFS locations, including Eleven Mile Canyon, where such opportunities do exist.

Golden Gate Canyon
Biking Mountain bikers can utilize trails designated for multiple use (approximately 19 miles of Golden Gate Canyon’s trails). For more information, visit the “Trails” link on the left side of Golden Gate Canyon’s main page.
Group Camping Rifleman Phillips Group Campground is available for groups up to 75 people. This campground is for tent campers only. For more information and reservations please call 303-582-3707.
Picnicking There are many scenic picnic sites throughout the park. Several are located along Ralston Creek on Crawford Gulch road and along Mountain Base road at Ole’ Barn Knoll and Bootleg Bottom. Many picnic sites are identified on the park map, available from the “Maps and Directions” link on the left side of Golden Gate Canyon’s main page. Sites are available on a first-come first-serve basis and include a table and charcoal grills for cooking. ADA- accessible picnic tables are located at Kriley Pond, Bootleg Bottom, Panorama Point and Bridge Creek. Large groups can reserve the Red Barn group picnic area. For more information on group picnic areas, visit the “Group Facilities” link on the left side of Godlen Gate Canyon’s main page.
Rock Climbing Limited climbing available in certain areas of the park. Access to these areas requires hiking into the backcountry.

Harvey Gap
Picnicking Take in the beautiful views while you eat close to the water at Harvey Gap. The park has 30 picnic sites with grills. Many sites are in the shade. Please remember that fires are permitted only in the grills. The picnic areas have trash cans and restrooms. The picnic sites are available on first come, first served basis. A group picnic site is available nearby at Rifle Gap State Park, which is six miles west of Harvey Gap. Pets are not allowed at Harvey Gap. The park closes at 10 p.m. Please see the Harvey Gap map for locations.

Highline Lake
Biking Bikers have several trails in the park to choose from. The 3.5 mile Highline Lake Trail circles Highline Lake; there are several bonus loops that provide challenges and unique views. For a real challenge, ride the world famous 18 Hours of Fruita Trail, used during the annual 18 hour endurance race that puts Highline Lake at the center of the mountain biking world the first weekend of every May. The park is also close to the North Fruita Desert trail system and the Kokopelli Trail head, as well as the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area. The campground makes a perfect base camp for all of these biking opportunities; many bikers stay a while just to enjoy the park!
Birding Named an important birding area by the National Audubon Society, over 200 species of birds have been observed at Highline Lake State Park, including Vermilion Flycatcher, extremely rare in Western Colorado; pelicans; blue herons; osprey; bald and golden eagles; owls; sandhill cranes; loons; loggerhead shrike and Cooper’s Hawks. A ‘Birds of Highline Lake State Park’ checklist is available at the entrance stations or the park office. There are two Watchable Wildlife Kiosks on either side of Highline Lake, complete with viewing scopes.
Group Camping A large grassy, shaded area, with shelter, modern restroom building, electricity, water, over-size grill, fire ring, volleyball and horseshoes! This area is perfect for group tent camping for up to 100 persons and is available by reservation. Reservations March through October go quickly, so call the park office at 970.858.7208 or email for additional information and fees.
Picnicking Close to both Mack Mesa and Highline Lake, there are 44 family picnic sites with tables and grills throughout the park that are available year round. Some sites are in grassy areas with mature shade trees, others are cabanas near sand just made for building castles.

Jackson Lake
Biking Bicycles are allowed at the park on designated trails and on park’s roads.
Birding Birders travel from throughout the region to visit because of the abundance and diversity of bird species. Long-billed curlews and whooping cranes are occasionally observed. Ferruginous and rough-legged hawks are present in the winter, while Swainson’s hawks return for the summer months. Northern harriers fly low over wetlands and grasslands. Ground-nesting grassland birds such as horned larks, lark buntings, western meadowlarks and vesper sparrows may breed in the park in the spring.
Group Camping Dunes Group Campground has a total of 18 sites (12-site minimum) which may be reserved as either all electric or non-electric. Please visit our “Group Facilities” link for additional information.
Picnicking Individual tables are located at the inlet, outlet, boat ramp, south and west swim beaches, and the Cottonwood picnic area and are available first-come, first-served. For information, check out the park map, available from the “Maps” link on the left side of Jackson Lake’s main page.

James M. Robb – Colorado River
Biking Paved biking from Corn Lake to Wildlife Area, through City of Grand Junction. There are many nice shops in the downtown area of Grand Junction. Fruita Section is near several great mountain bike trails. Fruita is growing and has many fun opportunities that are in riding distance from the Fruita Section of the park. While staying at Island Acres throw your bike in the car and ride around the Town of Palisade to the local orchards and vineyards.
Group Camping The Fruita campground has one Group Camping Area accomodating 36 individuals, in 6 campers or up to 12 tents. Call the park office for reservations (970)-858-9188.
Picnicking Several shaded picnic sites with tables and grills are available along the river or by lake shores at Connected Lakes, Corn Lake, Fruita and Island Acres. Fruita has less shade but provides stunning views of the Colorado National Monument. Potable water is usually close by.
Snowmobiling Snowmobile registrations now available at Fruita, Corn Lake and the Island Acres section. Call for details.

John Martin Reservoir
Biking Biking is permitted throughout John Martin Reservoir State Park, although no specific trails are set aside for bicyles.
Birding With 373 documented species of birds in Bent County, John Martin Reservoir State Park is a premier birding area! Recent sightings including bald eagles, Canada geese, red-winged blackbirds, and roadrunners. Join us for “Bent on Birding” May 17. Log onto for registration brochure.
Group Camping Group camping is available at the Caddoa Shelter. Call Sandy at (719) 829-1801 ext. 28 to reserve this shelter. Reservations are going fast for this summer. Call now for your preferred dates! For more information, check out the “Group Facilities” link on John Martin’s homepage.
Picnicking During spring, summer, and fall, there are miles of breezy shoreline available for picnicking at John Martin. Scattered throughout the park, individual tables with fire rings are located by the shore or in shaded areas. Please note there is a fire ban in Bent County, but fires are allowed in the fire rings in the picnic areas. For group picnicking information, visit the “Group Facilities” link on the left side of John Martin’s main page.

Lake Pueblo
Biking A paved trail follows all of the main roads in the park. If you catch the trail in Rock Canyon, you can bike along the river to the Nature Center and catch trails that go throughout Pueblo. The extrnsive trail system behind Arkansas Point Campground offers several degrees of difficult, mountain by for all ages. For your safety, we do ask that bikes remain on the trails. There is a new map with the new trails located at the kiosk at Arkansas Point Campground.
Group Camping There are 17 group campsites available at Northern Plains. There are three separate loops available. One loop with 4, one with 6, and one with 7 sites. You can rent one, two, or all loops. The sites are $18 each and there is a reservation fee of $8 for each loop. You must reserve through the Pueblo Visitor’s Center. Reserve soon, they fill fast! 719-561-9320 ext. 10. The Group Camping loop is only available from April 1 to September 30. For more information, visit the “Camping” link on the left side of Lake Pueblo’s main page.
Picnicking Lake Pueblo provides perfect picnic spots. Park a cooler and picnic gear at one of the 348 sites located throughout the park. Rock Canyon Day-Use Area offers the most popular sites. Anticline Pond (also known as Rock Canyon Pond) provides fun and easy day fishing from a stocked fishing pond and is close to a playground. Osprey is a shady, quiet area nestled along the river. Picnic sites over-looking the reservoir are at the South Marina, at North Picnic, and at West Fishing areas.

Biking Bicycles are allowed on the multi-use Cuerno Verde Trail, or on park roads. No bikes are allowed on the Hogback Trail. The park’s 3-mile closed loop Cuerno Verde Trail is popular with bicyclists. The trail goes around Martin Lake. See complete trail descriptions on the Lathrop Trails page.
Group Camping Group Site A – tents only! For groups up to 24-30 people. No electricity. Cottonwood trees, vault toilets, 3 large (16×16) tent pads, 3 picnic tables, water nearby, stand up grill and fire pit. Limited parking up to 8 passenger vehicles. NO TRAILERS OR RV’s. Group Site B – For groups up to 24-36 people. NO electricity. Holds 4-6 camping units and 4 additional vehicles. NO MORE THAN 6 CAMPING UNITS. Tents may be set if if room allows. Small trees, picnic tables, grill, vault toilets and water near by. All vehicles that enter the park must have a current park pass. NEW: Los Alamos Group Camping and Picnic Area. This area formerly used only for group picnics was recently upgraded to a camping area with 7 electrical hookups for RV’s. The perfect location for large family gatherings, groups who enjoy watersports, etc. Near Martin Lake Shoreline and beach area. Call park office at 719-738-2376 for fees, availability and reservations.
Picnicking Lathrop’s picnic areas, which received an outdoor recreation award for America’s Top 15 Picnic Areas, are situated around both Martin Lake and Horseshoe Reservoir. Each table sits lakeside, has a stand up fire grill, and most tables are shaded. Picnic tables are first-come, first serve basis.

Biking Trails open to bikes are the East, West, and South Valley Trails, as well as the Shoreline Trail, Mill Creek Link Trail, Howard Trail, and the Timber Trail. Horsetooth Mountain Park Trails can be accessed through the Lory Trail System. For more information, visit the “Trails” link on the left side of Lory’s main page. The Corral Center Mountain Bike Park is currently dry and open for use.
Picnicking There are many scenic picnic areas at Lory State Park. The Homestead Picnic Area is a spacious picnic area with views of the reservoir and plenty of shade. Picnic tables are also available at South Eltuck and Arthur’s Rock trailhead.
Rock Climbing Lory State Park allows rock climbing. All hardware and/or permanant fixtures must be removed after each visit.

Biking Most trails located in Mancos State Park are single-track and suitable for mountain bike use. Mancos trails connect to numerous U.S. Forest trails and the Denver-to-Durango Colorado Trail. See the Trails section for complete trail descriptions and Conditions section for current trail conditions.
Birding Bird lists are available on the park’s webpage and from staff at the park during the summer. The fall is a great time to catch glimpses of eagles and other migratory birds visiting the lake.
Picnicking In addition to a covered group shelter, Mancos has 10 picnic sites with grills. A volleyball court has been added to the group picnic area. A net and ball are provided by the park. In addition, two horseshoe pits are located there, shoes provided. Please call the park office at (970) 533-7065 or the Dolores office at (970) 882-2213 for special group regulations, other recreational equipment, information and reservations.
Snowmobiling Although there are no snowmobile trails in the park, Mancos State Park is an excellent “staging area” for snowmobiling from the nearby West Mancos Trailhead in the San Juan National Forest (, which is less than two miles from Mancos State Park. The trail gives snowmobilers access to hundreds of miles trails. Go snowmobiling on the West Mancos Trail and stay in one of the heated yurts at Mancos.

Biking 19 miles of Mueller’s trails are designated for mountain biking. Bikers must stay on designated trails. Expect moderate and/or steep gravel trails; no easy bike trails. Check conditions for trail information.
Group Camping The Group Campground is designed for RV camping. It is not a group tenting area. There are 11 RV campsites including 4 tent pads. A maximum of 4 tents are allowed – 1 tent on each existing tent pad. The Group Campground is open from mid-May thru mid-October. Reservations: 719-687-2366 beginning after January 1st each year. All sites must be reserved for $198 per night. $8 reservation fee. No discounts. Maximum 66 people. Full payment within two weeks of reservation – check or money order. Every vehicle must have a daily vehicle pass ($6) or a current Colorado State Parks Annual Pass.
Picnicking Mueller has 41 wooded picnic sites scattered among conifer and aspen forests in 4 picnic areas. Each site includes a picnic table and raised grill. Check out the Picnicking link on the left-hand side of this page for more information. There are no covered picnic areas or group pavillions. Winter/spring access can be limited due to snow conditions.

Biking Mountain bikers may enjoy the unique beauty of Navajo State Park on several designated trails throughout the park. See the “Trails” link off Navajo’s homepage for complete trail descriptions.
Picnicking Picnic areas are available. For additional information about group picnic areas, visit the “Group Picnic Areas” link off Navajo’s homepage.

North Sterling
Biking Trails are suitable for mountain bikes.
Birding Our area attracts a great variety of birds. It’s a wonderful time to come out and observe bald eagles. Bird lists are available at the Visitor Center north of the dam. Let us know if you would like to join a guided bird walk at (970) 522-3657.
Group Camping No “group camping” area. Call 1-800-678-2267 or (303) 470-1144 and reserve several campsites together. Park office phone 970)522-3657
Picnicking There are 38 picnic areas throughout the park. Picnic tables with shade shelters are available at the Balanced Rock area, while tables with grills can be found at the South Boat Ramp, Cottonwood Cove and Sunset Cove areas.

Biking Only on Highway 133, the county road or the campground roads; no trails, nor any other space conducive for biking.
Picnicking Five tables at the boat ramp and six tables below dam at Anthracite Area. Two at Anthracite are ADA approved for the physically challenged.

Pearl Lake
Picnicking Picnickers can enjoy seven sites with tables and grills or fire rings overlooking the lake. A watchable wildlife viewing deck provides picture postcard views along the tree lined shore. A universally accessible picnic site is located by the boat ramp. Pets–on a leash and under control–are welcome.

Biking All trails but one are open to bicycles as weather permits. Obtain trail map at visitor center.
Birding Birding opportunities abound at Ridgway State Park throughout the year. Over 140 species of migratory and resident birds have been identified in the park, including many species of waterfowl and shorebirds such as Sandhill Cranes, American Avocets, Great Blue Herons, Western Grebes and White-faced Ibises, which are attracted to the open water of the reservoir and its three in-flowing streams. Confirmed summer breeders in the park include American Dippers, Black-chinned Hummingbirds, Western Meadowlarks, Red-naped Sapsuckers, Mountain Bluebirds, Western Bluebirds, Violet-green Swallows, White-throated Swifts, Red-tailed Hawks, Golden Eagles and many others. Common raptors include Northern Harriers, Ospreys, American Kestrels, Northern Goshawks, Peregrine Falcons and Bald Eagles. In the winter enjoy observing Mountain Chickadees, Black-capped Chickadees, Common Ravens, Black-billed Magpies, Red-breasted Nuthatches, White-breasted Nuthatches, Dark-eyed Juncos, Western Scrub-Jays and Great Horned Owls.
Group Camping While there are no group camping areas, there are three Group Eating Areas where campers can gather. These areas can ONLY be reserved by campers because there are no parking spaces. (Check the fees page for more information.) Two are in C-Loop in the Dakota Terraces Campground in the Dutch Charlie area and one in G-Loop, in the Pa-Co-Chu-Puk Campground. The C-Loop sites can accommodate up to 50 people and feature a concrete pad, large barbecue grill, four picnic tables and a water hydrant. The G-Loop site can accommodate up to 75 people and has a shade shelter, concrete pad, fire ring, large barbecue grill, six picnic tables and a water hydrant.
Picnicking 87 picnicking sites are located throughout the park, including near the swim beach and playgrounds. Explore the beauty of Ridgway and retire to a picturesque setting for a picnic. Many picnicking sites are universally accessible and offer the comforts of shelters, restrooms and nearby drinking water hydrants.
Rock Climbing Limited, check with park staff.
Snowmobiling Snowmobiling is not permitted in the park, however, there are several excellent riding areas within 20 min to 2 hours drive. Contact the park office at (970)626-5822 for more information.

Rifle Falls
Biking Bikers are encouraged to utilize trails in Rifle Mountain Park, and nearby USFS property.
Picnicking Ten individual picnic sites are located throughout the park. Each is close to waterfalls, short hiking trails and watchable wildlife kiosks. Other interpretive displays in the area explain the history of the falls, the creation of limestone and other features of the park.
Snowmobiling The closest groomed snomobile trails are at the Rifle Creek Trailhead in Rifle Mountain Park. From there, riders will travel onto the White River National Forest. This trailhead is approximately 5 miles from Rifle Falls State Park.

Rifle Gap
Picnicking Picnickers can enjoy a spacious setting for their outdoor meals. Rifle Gap offers multiple sites, and beautiful views. Sites are available on first come, first served basis. A group picnic facility is also available for weddings, family reunions, meetings, and other large group gatherings. The group picnic facility is available for rent for $98.00 per day. Please contact the park office at 970-625-1607 to ensure availability and information to reserve the area.
Snowmobiling In the winter months adjacent BLM land offers what seems to be endless trails for snowmobile use. Rifle Creek Trailhead is the closest area for snowmobiles, located in Rifle Mountain park approximately 10 miles from Rifle Gap State Park.

Biking We do not allow bikes on Roxborough’s trails. Hiking is king at Roxborough. More than 14 miles of trails take hikers to some incredible views of giant hogbacks and red-rock formations, red sandstone ridges and spires. The trails range from an easy half-mile meander on the Fountain Overlook Trail starting from the Visitor Center, to a challenging 6.4-mile trek up 7,160-foot Carpenter Peak, where you can see the surrounding countryside for miles and catch a glimpse of downtown Denver. See the Trails section for complete trail descriptions.
Birding Roxborough is a great place for bird watching. We also have a variety of naturalist guided hikes for all ability levels. Follow the link to the Calendar of Events on the website for more information.
Picnicking The park does not provide picnic facilities. However, visitors are welcome to bring a lunch and eat at one of the benches at the Visitor Center or along park trails. Bench locations are marked on the trail map.
Rock Climbing Rock climbing is not permitted at Roxborough

San Luis
Biking Four miles of wide, level gravel trails in the wildlife area provide a pleasant, safe hiking or mountain biking experience among the low dunes and wetlands. The wildlife area is closed from Feb. 15 until July 15. No access is allowed to the wildlife area at this time.
Picnicking The Needles Picnic Area is located at the boat ramp and has restroom facilities. Originally designed for individual family use, the area is also popular with groups. Additional picnic sites are located along the western shore of San Luis Lake. View San Luis Map.

Spinney Mountain
Birding Many migratory and resident birds inhabit the park, including a variety of songbirds, raptors, waterfowl and shorebirds that are all attracted to the reservoir. Three rare bird species observed at the park include the bald eagle, American peregrine falcon and white pelican. A downloadable PDF of Eleven Mile and Spinney Mountain’s Bird List brochure is available under the “Publications” link on the left side of Spinney Mountain’s home page.
Picnicking Guests can enjoy an outdoor meal anywhere in Spinney Mountain State Park. The park offers over a dozen picnic sites with tables and grills on either side of the reservoir, as well as at the parking area on the river below the dam. For safety, fires must be contained in the provided grills. A universally accessible picnic table and grill with a nearby universal access vault toilet are conveniently located on the north side of the reservoir. There are no group picnicking facilities.

St. Vrain
Biking We currently have 3.5 miles of unpaved roads suitable for leisurely bicycling.
Birding St. Vrain is home to the largest Great Blue Heron rookery in the state. In addition to these year-round residents, visitors can observe migrating waterfowl, songbirds and raptors. During the winter, St. Vrain is home to bald eagles. For more information, check out the park’s bird list.
Picnicking Tables with shelters and grills amongst mature cottonwood or willow trees and great fishing spots welcome hungry nature lovers.
Snowmobiling We can register your snowmobile at our park entrance but we do not have snowmobiling terrain or weather here.

Biking Stagecoach has approximately 8 miles of trails. The Elk Run Trail is open to bicycles in the summer. The trail is gravel covered and offers easy to moderate cycling. You can also bike the Lakeside Trail.
Group Camping The McKindley Group Camping is available to tent and RV campers. We are now accepting reservations for the summer. For reservations and information please contact the park office at 970 736 2436.
Picnicking Picnic tables are located throughout the park’s trails, campsites and day-use areas. Sites with both picnic tables and grills can be found at the Arrowhead, Keystone and Haybro picnic areas.
Snowmobiling Snowmobiles are only allowed on the lake surface during the winter months, as conditions allow, for fishing access below the high water mark. Snowmobile use is not allowed anywhere else in the park or on Routt County Road 18 to the Tailwaters.

State Forest
Biking There are miles of great trails throughout the park. Bicycles are prohibited above treeline and on the Lake Agnes trail.
Birding There are very few places where one can see Rosy Finches. The State Forest State Park is one of those places. Call ahead to find out if they have arrived at our feeders. Currently Stellar’s Jays, Gray’s Jays, Chickadees, Red Crossbills, White-breasted Nuthatchs, Rosy Finches and Pine Grosbeaks are at our feeders.
Picnicking There are a few picnic tables located across from the Lk. Agnes turnoff on Hwy 14, some at Ranger Lakes day-use area, and some are located at the Nature Trail on County Road 41. Picnic tables are also located at the Visitor Center.
Snowmobiling The State Forest offers approximately 50 miles of groomed trails, with connections into the Routt National Forest snowmobile trails.

Steamboat Lake
Biking Mountain Bike. Additonal opportunities on nearby Routt National Forest
Picnicking Picnic tables offering either grills or fire rings are available at the Placer Cove day-use area, Tombstone Nature Trailhead (with lots of tree shade), Sage Flats day-use area and the Dutch Hill Marina area. Check out the park map for location information. Pets– on a leash and under control–are welcome.
Snowmobiling The park is a gateway to 146 miles of groomed trails in the Routt National Forest. Check out the winter recreation information.

Sweitzer Lake
Biking Mtn. biking on gravel or dirt roads.
Picnicking Having a nice picnic is Sweitzer Lake’s primary visitor activity. Sweitzer Lake offers many sites with shelter, a fire ring and a nice view of the lake.

Sylvan Lake
Biking Mountain biking is allowed on the trail around Sylvan Lake and on the roads and trails in nearby White River National Forest. Stop by the Visitor’s Center for mountain bike trail information.
Group Camping A spacious group campsite is available for groups of up to 60 people. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the Visitor Center office at 970-328-2021.
Picnicking There are two universally accessible picnic areas with tables and charcoal/wood grills. The Lake Picnic Area offers eight lakefront sites to enjoy while boating, fishing and wildlife viewing. The Meadows Picnic Area offers 15 sites amongst oak, sage and rabbit brush along the banks of West Brush Creek just south of the visitors center.
Snowmobiling Trails in the surrounding White River National Forest provide excellent snowmobiling opportunities. Cabins and yurts are available during the winter and provide a great base camp for multi-day snowmobile excursions. All snowmobiles operated on public lands must have a current and valid registration. Resident and non-resident snowmobile registrations are available at the Visitor’s Center.

Trinidad Lake
Biking With over nine miles of trails and numerous paved and unpaved access roads, Trinidad Lake State Park offers a wide range of opportunities for street and mountain biking. Cold-weather enthusiasts enjoy biking in the winter.
Group Camping The Piedmont Group Camping Area with 13 sites is located away from the main campground and includes the Piedmont Group Picnic Shelter with all its amenities. There are electrical hookups at three of the camp sites as well as electricity at the pavilion. Vault toilets and water are also available. Dump station facilities, flush toilets, laundry facilities, and showers are accessible in the main campground at no additional charge. For information about reserving the Group Camping Area, call the Visitor Center, 719-846-6951.
Picnicking After playing on the lake or the park, hungry explorers can relax at one of several individual picnic tables. Lakeside tables next to boat ramps are available for great fishing access. Covered shelters with grills, access to potable water and flush restrooms are found on the overlook.

Biking Bicycling is enjoyed around the park on the paved and gravel roads and inside the campgrounds. Bicycles are not allowed on the nature trails.
Birding Many migratory and resident birds inhabit the park, including wild turkeys and red-tailed hawks, in addition, blue heron, blue grouse, common raven and a variety of raptors, waterfowl and shorebirds are attracted to the reservoir.
Picnicking Vega has numerous scenic picnic sites located around the reservoir, including Cattleman’s Meadows, Turtle Shell Day Use area and the Overlook picnic area. The Meadows Group Picnic Area is a reservations-only large group picnicking site with plenty of room for volleyball or badminton if you bring your own equipment. Stop by the Visitor’s Center to checkout the horseshoes for the horseshoe pit. For locations, view the park map at Vega’s Maps and Directions page.
Snowmobiling The OHV/Snowmobile Staging Area located in the southwest corner of the park, provides trailer parking with easy access to hundreds of miles of Grand Mesa National Forest trails. Please make sure you have a daily or annual parks pass on your vehicle when parking in this area.

Yampa River
Birding Yampa River Headquarters has a nature trail with an observation deck. Stop by the visitor center for the latest information.
Group Camping Yampa River headquarters offers a group camping area with five tent only sites. These sites are separate from the other camping sites at the park. Please contact the Yampa River State Park at (970)276-2061 for reservations.
Picnicking Yampa River offers Picnic sites at all 13 river access sites. See the River Access Points page on this Web site as well the Yampa River Brochure and Map. The Headquarters campground also has a group picnic area that can be reserved by calling (970)276-2061. See Yampa River Fees page for rates.


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