Evergreen – Fairplay – Ft Collins


On the south edge of Greeley, Evans was named after early Colorado Governor John Evans. John Evans unfortunately was responsible for authorizing John Chivington, the local militia commander who instigated the Sand Creek Massacre, an infamous slaughter of peace-seeking Indians who had been assured of safety from US forces in 1864, only to be massacred by the First Colorado Cavalry (this was the inspiration for the slaughter in the movie Little Big Man as well as other movies and literature). Ensuing Congressional investigations left Chivington in complete disgrace and Evans with a distinct cloud. Evans would later found and serve as a trustee of Denver University.


Evergreen is a mix of a charming old Colorado resort mountain town and new, very affluent development. Thirty minutes from Denver, Evergreen originally started as a lumber harvesting community due to its being on a greenbelt of rain and snow in Colorado’s normally arid mountains…even today, it is known for the beautiful Spruce trees along Bear Creek. The old historic downtown area is being restored and preserved, its close proximity to Denver means that people with financial means are able to afford beautiful and expensive mountain homes. The tradition of the wealthy to vacation or build second homes in Evergreen goes clear back to the 1860’s. Stage coach service from Morrison (west of Denver) was established in 1890.

Bauer’s Spruce Island Chalets – VACATION, REUNION, WEDDING, RELOCATION LODGING, from a Studio suite for 2 people to a 4 Bedroom cabin for 10 people. Groups up to 42 people . Daily, Weekly, Monthly cabin rentals. 50 miles from Denver Airport.

Fairplay Driving Map

Fairplay is the home of South Park City, a collection of buildings, stores, and displays from Colorado’s famous Gold Rush. Yes, the cartoon South Park City is based on Fairplay–the creators grew up a few dozens of miles from here, the geography of the cartoon is of the South Park (an immense valley high up in the Rocky Mountains), and even individual buildings are recognizable. Fairplay is a quaint & quiet town with many cabins and modest vacation homes dotting the area, wonderful B&Bs and a couple of hotels, and a beautiful place to visit.

Flying Horse Ranch
Spectacular guest ranch- 3,600 acres, horseback ride, hike, fish and mountain
bike, meadows & mountains, 10,000 square foot lodge with 2 suites and 3 guest
rooms, 2 cabins lakeside. Brochure
, Call 719-836-2319.

Florence Colorado Hotels

Florence is located very near Canon City and the Royal Gorge, and hosts many antique stores and art galleries. It boomed in the 1860’s when Colorado Gold Rush was just starting because coal was found nearby, and Florence supplied a lot of coal to the rush.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins Colorado Hotels

Fort Collins, founded in 1864, prospered after the arrival of the railroad in 1877. Colorado A & M was established in 1870 as the state’s land grant college, now known as Colorado State University.

Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch – Year round resort nestled in a mountain valley 50 miles NW of Fort Collins. Offering lodging, full service food and beverage, catering and receptions, equestrian services and a wide range of winter and summer activities. 970-881-2450

Hill Top General Store & Cabins overlook picturesque Hiawatha Lake known for its trophy trout and scenic views. 6 cabins with cooking facilities, sat TV, central to areas 7,8 & 191
for big game hunting. Ph(800)209-2959.

Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan Colorado Hotels

The original Fort Morgan was founded in 1884 to protect wagon trains, stage coaches, mail service and increased immigration into the area. Now is an agricultural center for the area.


Fountain Colorado Hotels

Fountain was chosen in 1999 to be the US’s Millennium City of America because it best symbolizes the overall composition of America. South of Colorado Springs, Fountain is a small rural town with a wide variety of residents that symbolize America as a true melting pot. The buried thousand-year time capsule from Fountain includes a Purple Heart medal, a Meal Ready to Eat (MRE), a furbee, wire for bailing hay, a vial of water from Fountain Creek, a remote TV control, and a McDonald’s cheeseburger.


Colorado Mountain Inns – Come to our Mountain B&B’s and historic inns! You have a variety of choices–stay in the forest, by the river, near the lake, at the hot springs, or in town. Call today…..


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