Gunnison Colorado – Waunita Hot Springs Ranch

Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time we get questions about the ranch, so we’ve assembled a list of ones we tend to get a lot. If you don’t see your question listed, please contact us.

•When coming to the ranch, how should we pack?

•What if I have dietary restrictions or needs?

•Where’s the nearest airport?

•Do you offer hunting trips?

•How difficult are the rides?

•What do you have to offer for children?

•What’s the weather like?

•When coming to the ranch, how should we pack? Packing obviously depends on the time of year. But in the summer, you might want to bring something to break the chill of the morning and evening, and a set of clothes you don’t mind getting wet on the raft trip. Cowboy or work boots are a plus, and we’d recommend clothing that layer well for the rides. And of course, don’t forget your cowboy hat and your swimsuit. For more help closer to your visit, you can contact us or check out our “Weather” page.

•What if I have dietary restrictions or needs? While our fare is quite healthy and hearty, we know that you might have special requirements. We will do everything we can, but we recommend letting us know in advance so that we’ll have time to make sure we’ve got your needs covered.

•Where’s the nearest airport? Gunnison (airport code: GUC) has its own airport with flights daily. Just let us know when you arrive and leave and we’ll take care of getting you to and from the ranch.

•Do you offer hunting trips? We no longer guide hunters; however since we are surrounded by national forest, we are happy to provide room and board. Please contact us for availability and rates.

•How difficult are the rides? We have a wide variety of terrain & level of difficulty. The week begins with instruction on Monday morning with 1-2 hour rides. Since our rides occur in smaller groups, we offer short (1-2 hr.) and longer (3+ hr.) rides to accommodate the different riding abilities and preferences.

Advanced riders will be able to spread out and quicken the pace when the terrain allows. Our goal is to build you up for the spectacular 6 or 8 hour high rides on Friday. Our riding section will also give you a little bit more information.

•What do you have to offer for children? There is no better place than Waunita for kids. Depending on your children’s ages, there are a wide variety of activities from full-fledged rides to the petting zoo to swimming. Our “Children’s” page will fill you in on the full range of activities and care we provide.

•What’s the weather like? Boy, that’s a good one. Depending on the time of year, you’ll see a wide range of temperatures and conditions. In the summer you might see an afternoon shower that cools things down and it’s not uncommon to see snow up at the top of the “long ride”. Our weather page can help you get an idea of the temperature and forecast. If you forget a coat or something, we’ve got some loaners and “left-behinds” that we’d be glad to let you borrow.


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  1. Chris Power Said:

    What are your rates for the cabins? Can you just use the hot springs pool, for a fee?
    Can we just make weekend reservations? What is the fee for food?
    Thank you
    Chris Power

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