Kremmilin Road Kill Races


What: Half marathon and 5 mile trail race

When: Race starts at 9 am

Where: Race start and finishes in the Kremmling Town Square

Course: Half Marathon Course – This course starts and finishes in the Kremmling Town Square making one big loop north of Kremmling. It begins with a short jaunt up the Cliffs, descending down to Muddy Creek. The course crosses the Creek following several single and double track trails while following a longer stair stepping climb. The race reaches the high point at 10 miles and then followed by a gradual decent into Kremmling.
[ Roadkill Half Marathon course map ]

5 Mile Course – This course climbs up towards the Kremmling Cliffs and makes a 4 mile loop with spectacular views of the Muddy River and surrounding mountains. The race features both single track and two track dirt trails.
[ Roadkill 5 mile course map ]

June 21, 2008
Kremmling Classic
5, 10 and 3 Mile
Fun Run/Walk

September 13, 2008
Roadkill Run
1/2 Marathon and
5 Miles
October 12, 2008
Gore Grind
3 & 6 Miles


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