Motorboat Colorado

The Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW) offers an opportunity for third party entities across Colorado to apply for funding for eligible projects at motorboat reservoirs, as well as lakes and rivers that are accessed by motorboats. Please review the eligibility criteria to determine if these funds may serve your efforts to provide improved motor boat access and amenities at your motorboat reservoir.
Each year, anglers spend more than $700 million on sport fishing in Colorado and this figure is on the rise. Money to fund the MOTORBOAT COLORADO! Grant Program is generated by federal excise taxes collected on the purchase of motorboat fuels. It is managed as a federal grant program to the states (“Sport Fish Restoration, Fresh Water Motorboat Access”) by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a “User Pays User Benefits” program. Therefore, this unique grant program will involve local communities in a three-way partnership with CDOW and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Here’s how it works:

The MOTORBOAT COLORADO! Grant Program will serve as a cooperative effort between CDOW (grantor) and other entities (subgrantees) to enhance Colorado’s motorboat reacreation. Annually, CDOW has budgeted a total of $300,000 to be utilized to fund approximately five selected motorboat improvement projects. Each project budget should not be less than $5,000. Eligible applicants can apply and compete for financial assistance for specific projects as outlined in the following guidelines. Applicants must match a MOTORBOAT COLORADO! award with non federal cash or in kind services (donated labor and/or supplies and equipment use). It is very important that proposed grant activities will produce motorboat access or other improvements that are readily available for public use. A project will be ranked primarily in terms of new and/or improved public opportunities for access and amenities at motorboat reservoirs. During the final selection of projects to fund, some emphasis will be placed on how well the project meets the long range goals of the CDOW.

We encourage you to review the program guidelines and invite you to work with us to develop a proposal for an award to your community to improve motorboat access or other amenities at a local motorboat body of water.


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