White Water Rafting – River Runners

River Runners
Cañon City & Buena Vista, Colorado

Established in 1972 River Runners has developed and refined the art of river running as a commercial endeavor for over 36 years. River Runners is one of the oldest whitewater rafting outfitters on the Arkansas River in Colorado. Our team at River Runners is an incredible group of strong individuals that are dedicated to sharing the outdoors with our guests.

In our 36 years we have safely guided more rafting guests than any other rafting outfitter in the state of Colorado. We have two river offices serving both the upstream and downstream sections of the Arkansas River.

At River Runners our focus is on your safety and enjoyment. We are happy to have a diverse group of people who work with us and love what they do. We realize that our guides are the liaison between our company and our river guests and we insist that each staff member be of the highest caliber both on and off the water.

Many of our staff members are college-bound individuals who will work for us during the summer before pursuing other goals. However, many other members of our staff have been with River Runners for over twenty years or more! We feel they choose to stay with River Runners due to the unique work environment, quality of life and level of professionalism we require from our staff.

If you should choose to join River Runners for an adventure, we are confident that you will appreciate your experience with us and will come again. These are just a few of the reason why we are THE WHITEWATER PROFESSIONALS™.

The River Runner raft guides really know thier stuff. They seem to really enjoy thier jobs. I know that we had fun!

Jeb Wuldon
Nashua, New Hampshire
What a way to spend the weekend. I can not belive that it took me five years living in Colorado to go whitewater rafting. These guys are the best!

Jane Write
Colorado Springs, Colorado


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